Christophe BOURDEAUX

Christophe Bourdeaux works with Charly Wittock at AWAAArchitects and together they designed the winery.
Christophe Bourdeaux, a visual artist by training and professor at the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts, is responsible for the design.
Having a work of art by him in our winery is therefore even more symbolic and important.

“What is this concept (dare we say it) of the non-division of creation?

Christophe defends the idea that his practice is a kind of whole, a cycle, to be considered more in three dimensions, or even in four dimensions, going towards cosmogony, than in two dimensions. Working with canvas in this way is a way of bringing a body into contact with a space.

And one cannot help but think here of his activity as an architect. In concrete terms, his work involves his own body and the space of the canvas. But in truth, it is the abstract idea of the body confronting the geometric space that is examined here.

To make this concept clear, we can easily refer to an image that is well known in the history of art: Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of a man with his arms and legs spread out, inscribed in a circle, itself inserted in a square. This is what Christophe Bourdeaux’s painting practice is all about. The paintings are all variations on the theme of the boxer in the ring, the animal in a cage, except that the negative connotations of these metaphors must be removed. Because paradoxically, it is about freedom. It’s about breathing, a bit like when we breathe in air with our lungs full and the inhalation allows us to become aware of the amplitude of our rib cage.”

Presentation of the work acquired for the winery
Acquisition date: February 2019
Exhibited in the offices

2017/2018 life
Acrylic paint on canvas

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Instagram:  christophebourdeaux

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