Wine: an intuitive affair

The Château de Bousval vineyard dawned from a dialogue between nature lover Michel Verhaeghe de Naeyer and his abandoned Walloon fields.

Michel’s rural soul was consumed by the desire to revive this barren land to benefit future generations.
The idea to produce wine grew organically in his mind, blossoming into an aspiration in which he almost didn’t dare dream.

Wine: a knowledgeable affair

The principal mission involves an environmentally friendly vision:
“ To produce a quality wine in a quality environment, a wine which comes from neither Burgundy, Alsace or Austria; it is a WINE FROM THE TERROIR OF BOUSVAL. ”

The local ecosystem was scrutinised and enhanced by a visionary geologist.
Meanwhile the vineyard was planted according to the advice of a wine-grower who helps to communicate a terroir beyond borders.
A passionate vineyard manager helps the vines to flourish on a daily basis thanks to his environmentally friendly approach. He knows that a wine doesn’t just taste of its native land; it radiates the way in which it has been cultivated.

Wine: a subjective affair

This is not a heritage wine; it is a burgeoning wine. It is the result of an alchemy between the young vine and the Belgian sun, myriad flora and fauna, and the micro-organisms found in the Bousval soil.

The day when the spirit of this land can be captured in a glass of wine will be a happy day indeed. All in the hope that the terroir’s juice kindles pure emotion!