Édouard Janssens van DER MAELEN

At the Château de Bousval vineyard, we try to foster new dialogues between the art of wine making and contemporary art.

In this particular photo, you can see the cellar of our winery with its barrels. On the walls, you will discover the photographic work of @edouardjanssens showing the “eyes” of our family (the three generations: grandparents / parents and children).

It was an idea of our daughter Ophélie who suggested having our irises photographed by our friend and artist Edouard Janssens.
His idea was to have our eyes watching over the maturation of our wines, giving them good energy and protection as well as showing that our DNA is shared there in a symbolic way. A wonderful idea that makes so much sense and shows our personal, deep and sincere involvement in the creation of our wines.


Presentation of the work exhibited in the winery
Acquisition date: 2022
The Irises are exhibited in the cellar

The 6 Irises of the VERHAEGHE family