Born in 1973 in Brussels (Belgium). Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).

Sophie Whettnall is a multidisciplinary artist using video, performance, drawing and painting.
Her works oscillate in gestures and materials between elegance, sensuality and energy.

Since the 1990s, Sophie Whettnall’s work has reflected on the forces that define our relationship to the world around us, by materializing and documenting them.

Sophie Whettnall’s work focuses on light, among other things: analysing its presence, areas of passage and absence. The subtle aesthetic created by her sensitive and powerful work is based on a dialectical tension and an attempt to bring contradictory concepts and perceptions into dialogue: between softness and sensuality, yin and yang, femininity and masculinity…

Her work also contributes, in a subtle way, to a form of autobiographical unveiling.

Michel Rein (Translation)

Presentation of the work exhibited in the winery 
Shadow panels, 2013
India ink on wood 2x (244×122 cm)
Acquisition date: July 2020
Exhibited in the storage area of the winery

Lost Landscape, 2022
bamboo point drawing, red Indian ink on paper (51.97 x 53.54 in.)
Acquisition date: July 2022
Exhibited in the stairwell between the winery and the cellar