The overarching theme of the works of art presented at the Château de Bousval vineyard is the symbiosis between man and nature, and therefore the natural link between art and wine, both fruits of man and nature, by inspiration and passion. 

“(…) We each have our own obsession, he with nature, I with art. We wanted to bring our passions together. Michel appreciates art but his passion is his vineyard.
For me, it was essential to be able to invest myself in his project. My quest for more authenticity, to rediscover the sacred aspect of art and to share its power, is in many ways similar to Michel’s projects.
There is in him, as in me, a need to convey a part of the beauty of the world.

(…) I like the idea that art, like the vines, must have very deep roots to have taste”

Esther Verhaeghe de Naeyer


“(…) Art and wine bring people together. Just as we share a wine, we can also share a work of art” – Esther Verhaeghe de Naeyer, excerpt from the video Art and wine at the Château de Bousval vineyard (video)

“(…) The relationship we see between wine and art is the magic of the process.” Valentine De Cort, excerpt from the video The art and labels of the wine of the Château de Bousval vineyard (video)