The team - Château de Bousval

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  • Founder

    Michel Verhaeghe de Naeyer

    Michel is a free spirit who made the choice to renew his land by giving it the opportunity to produce something that it would have never dreamed possible: grapes!

    Inhabited by a deep respect for nature, plants and animals, Michel happily oversees every stage in the development of his brand-new vines, surrendering himself to the most magnificent of ambitions: to produce a wine that kindles emotion.

  • Vineyard Manager

    Germano Prior

    Germano is our expert vineyard manager.

    A nature enthusiast, he grew up among Portuguese vines before moving to the lands of Wallonia. He has his own vision of what man should bring to the vines. Innately inquisitive and down-to-earth with diligent hands, he tends the project on a daily basis.

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  • Cellar Master

    Romain Jacob

    After having visited many vineyards and winegrowers in Wallonia as part of his final thesis as a Bioengineer at the UCLouvain, Romain joined the team of the Château de Bousval vineyard.

    His role there has evolved as he has progressed and learned more about the vineyard.

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  • Wine-grower

    Filipe Prior

    Profusely immersed in the vines of Portugal during his youth, Filipe – the younger brother of Germano – has since left the region of Douro to bless us with his passion and new approaches to cultivation. An organised worker appreciated for his friendliness, abundant energy and open-mindedness, we are always delighted to see him.

  • Oenologist

    Vincent Dienst

    A gifted young man with a talent for Belgian wines – Vincent was the first cellar master of the vineyard. He is gradually handing over to Romain, passing on his passion and skills.

    After a degree in bioengineering, a master’s in viticulture and oenology, and considerable experience at the greatest wine-growing estates, Vincent returned to tread Belgian land. Brimming with youth, credentials and the joy of participating in a burgeoning venture, he has a single requirement when it comes to winemaking: to allow the terroir to express itself.

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  • Oenologist

    Pascal Marchand

    Hailing from Quebec via Burgundy, Pascal is our consultant oenologist.

    While he amassed most of his expertise outside of Belgium, it was here in Bousval, through his fondness for Michel’s character, that he agreed to lend his signature to a new vineyard. Planting vines in Belgium is an original challenge, and one that fills him with great joy. We are extremely lucky to be able to count on his constantly evolving thoughts.

  • Administrative assistant

    Sylvie Gilbert

    Sylvie is our administrative assistant for the management of wine orders, stock management, customs and excise procedures, updating the website, etc.

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  • Geologist

    Yves Herody

    Yves is our geologist and has quite the personality.

    His soil profiles – sonnets dedicated to the local ecosystem – provided the momentum essential to creating and enhancing the new wine-growing land at the Château de Bousval.

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