The work of a duo of artists, Eric BASSLEER (Colonel) and Thomas STIERNON (Spit), both born in Liege in 1974 and 1977 respectively.

All of their works are created as a collaborative effort.
In addition to the incredible ceramics, including the masks exhibited in the winery, they also produce watercolours on paper which are overflowing with words, phrases and drawings taken from the artists’ daily lives.

Presentation of the work exhibited in the winery
Acquisition date: 2022
The masks are displayed in the winery

Ceramic masks 2021-2022

“This group of little people is a family of expressions and we are going to disperse them. They are mostly friendly and reassuring, but not necessarily; sometimes there are nightmarish expressions. (…) There are influences from the world of art brut, CoBrA, post-graffiti culture and the history of ceramics” (Eric Bassleer).