Antoine Jaumain is a young photographer from Bousval born in 1998.

“It’s been almost three years now that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to roam the grounds of the Château de Bousval. This jewel of nature has brought me beautiful animal encounters in the open air, a stone’s throw from my home.

My passion for animals, and nature in general, came to me in my early childhood. It was only later, at the age of 12, that I developed a passion for photography, which complemented my first passion.

I soon learned to discover and get to know the animals in the forests near which I live.

Foxes, deer, squirrels, black woodpeckers and other birds became my first collaborators! The hours spent in the field are increasing, and sometimes I get beautiful photos that show each species in its living environment.

What also attracts me to photography is warm, low-angled light, backlighting and the beautiful atmospheres.

Those moments guide my steps towards my photos.

Antoine Jaumain


Presentation of the work exhibited in the winery
Acquisition date: 2019-2021

Several photographs by Antoine Jaumain are exhibited in the winery.

Lièvres, mésange, perdrix grise (Hares, tits, grey partridge), 2019
Héron cendré, Canard colvert, Etourneaux sansonnets, Grande aigrette (Grey heron, mallard, common starlings, great egret), 2020