Late frost

Periods of late frost are common in Belgium and can cause significant losses. When this occurs, the cold air, which is heavier than the warm air, is pushed towards the ground, close to the vines. To deal with this scourge, we have installed two frost tower wind machines, resembling small wind turbines, which mix the warm air at altitude with the cold air at ground level.

We use stealth helicopter blades to keep noise levels to a minimum, ensuring that nearby residents sleep peacefully.

However, this device does not allow us to protect all of our vines. As our  terroir is made up of many slopes with varying exposures, the wind generated by the towers does not reach certain areas of the vineyard. As a result, we need to complement our fight against frost by lighting large candles between the vines. This in turn makes for a beautiful nocturnal spectacle.

In the first photo above, we can clearly see the frost towers’ impact  on the Pinot Noir grapes: one part has been whitened by the frost, while the other greener part has been protected by the frost towers.